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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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This document describes how BACnet® controllers, both those from Johnson Controls and third-party suppliers, are integrated into the Metasys system through the NAE, NCE, SNE, and SNC series network engines, OAS series Open Application Server, or ODS series Open Data Server all hereafter referred to as supervisory devices. This capability provides two major functions:

  • First, this BACnet integration allows the objects within BACnet controllers to be interfaced with the Site Management Portal.

  • Second, this BACnet integration enables the supported supervisory controllers to provide supervisory control and monitoring functions for objects integrated from connected BACnet controllers. BACnet controllers can integrate with a supervisory controller using either BACnet/IP or MS/TP communications.

Note: In this document, all NCE25, NAE35, and NAE45 content relates to Release 9.0.8. NAE55/NAE85/LCS85 are supported at Release 11.0. All SNE and SNC content relates to 11.0.

The functions provided by the supervisory controllers for BACnet controllers are similar to those provided to integrated N2 and LonTalk® controllers. The major difference is that the supervisory controller behaves as a BACnet gateway to the non-BACnet controllers, converting their data into BACnet objects that reside within the supervisory controller. For integrated BACnet controllers, the supervisory controller provides BACnet mapper objects, which supplement the standard BACnet object data of the integrated controllers with additional attributes needed to perform the workstation and building controller functions within the Metasys system. This document describes those additional attributes.

Note: The term supervisory controller is used throughout this document to refer to the variants of controllers that support BACnet controller integration, including NAE, NCE, SNE, and SNC series network engines, the OAS series Open Application Server, and the ODS series Open Data Server.