Enabling the routing mode - Metasys - LIT-1201531 - System Integration - BACnet Controller Integration - 10.1

BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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Normally, third-party BACnet/IP field devices only view mapper objects in the supervisory controller, which are representations of the real BACnet objects in the integrated third-party BACnet field devices. Because the mapper objects are representations the supervisory device keeps updated, no extra network traffic is added to third-party BACnet field devices. Enable the routing mode at the supervisory controller only if you need to communicate directly with the third-party BACnet field devices, such as when you are reprogramming from the third party’s engineering workstation, to directly pass BACnet messages from the workstation through the supervisory controller to the third-party BACnet field devices.