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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

When logged in to a network engine through the Metasys system, you can automatically discover field devices. SCT does not support the Auto Discovery process. However, with SCT you can upload devices discovered on the network and added to the NAE database for archive and editing.


  1. On the Insert menu, select Field Device. The Insert Field Device Wizard Destination screen appears.
  2. Select the BACnet MS/TP trunk to map the field devices to and click Next. The Select Definition Mode screen appears.

    The Assisted Mode and Invoke Auto Discovery options are not available from the SCT. Upload any relevant online-generated information to an archive database in the SCT.

  3. Click Invoke Auto Discovery. The Auto Detect Utility starts.
  4. After Auto Discovery is complete, select the device to map. If the device is already mapped, a notification message appears. If the device is not mapped, the Insert Field Device Identifier screen appears.
  5. Enter a unique identifier for the device and click Next. The Insert Field Device Wizard Configure screen appears.
  6. Click Next. The Insert Field Device Summary screen appears.
  7. If the Summary is satisfactory, click Finish (otherwise, click Back and correct any problems). This action creates the object and enables the process for adding extensions to the new controller object. See Adding extensions to an object for more information.
  8. After adding all discovered devices, use the SCT to upload the NAE database to an archive database in the SCT.
    Note: See Troubleshooting (BACnet Trend Logs cannot be discovered) if the auto discovery fails to find third-party Trend Log objects.