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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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  1. On the Insert menu, click Integration. The Insert Integration Wizard starts.
  2. Follow the prompts to configure the integration using the information in the following table.
    Table 1. Insert Integration Wizard



    Object Type

    Select the type of integration, Field Bus MSTP.


    Select the network engine that connects to the integrating trunk.


    Type a unique name for the trunk. Each integration under a device requires a unique name. By default, the name of the newly entered object has a number appended to keep it unique; therefore, if adding a BACnet MS/TP trunk to a device for the first time, the default name is Field Bus. 1

    Configure 2

    Configure information about the integration such as trunk number 3 and a brief description.1

    Note: If BACnet routing is enabled for this network engine, the Network Address on the Hardware tab must be unique from all other Field Bus and BACnet/IP network addresses on the site.


    View the basic parameters of the integration just added.

  3. Click Finish.
1 The local MS/TP trunks are 1 and 2. Some supervisory products support two MS/TP trunks. Numbers greater then 2 are for a remote field bus. When selecting or adding a second BACnet MS/TP trunk, change the default trunk number (which is 1) on the Hardware tab to 2 and change the Network Address to a value not already used on the network engine, typically one greater than the default value.
2 Typically, use the default values for Baud Rate Selection and Network Address. Change the Network Address if the activity at the site also includes integrating third-party BACnet networks into the network engine. If BACnet routing is enabled for this network engine, the Network Address on the Hardware tab must be unique from all other network addresses on the site.
3 Trunk numbers 1 and 2 are used for local directly wired BACnet MS/TP trunks. Trunks that communicate through the BACnet IP connection to a BACnet/IP to MS/TP router (which provides the MS/TP wiring connection) use higher trunk numbers between 3 and 20. You must configure the router with an MS/TP network address number that is unique from all other network address numbers on the site. You must set the BACnet network address of the field bus to match the BACnet MS/TP network address number of the router. The BACnet/IP network address of the router must match the BACnet/IP network address of the NxE. In addition, one or more BBMDs may be required to allow BACnet/IP broadcast messages to reach the router. For more information on field bus capacity and quantity limits, refer to Metasys® SMP Help (LIT-1201793).