Using the Engineering view to View and Edit Device Attributes (BACnet Properties) - Metasys - LIT-1201531 - System Integration - BACnet Controller Integration - 10.1

BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task

When online with a BACnet device, use the Engineering view of the BACnet Integration object to View and Edit Device Attributes (known as properties in BACnet terms). Act on these devices whether or not the BACnet devices have been mapped to the Navigation tree.


  1. Right-click the BACnet Integration object on the Navigation tree and select View. The BACnet Integration object appears.
  2. Click the Engineering tab, and navigate to either a field device or a field point in the Integration Tree.
  3. Double-click the selected field device or field point. The Details screen for the selected field device or object appears.
  4. Click Edit. The editable fields from this screen appear in a box with a heavy line border.

    The BACnet device displays only the required and optional attributes of the BACnet point object. Vendor-specific proprietary attributes do not appear.

    For attributes that support a command priority, such as the Present Value of an Analog Output (AO), the BACnet device displays the active value and priority. To change a value, enter an equal or higher priority. Clearing the value at the specified priority releases this priority and displays the value for the next highest priority.

  5. Make the desired changes and click Save.