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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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The supervisory controller accepts alarms from BACnet devices if those devices have a Notification Class object with the supervisory controller specified as a recipient for the alarms, and if the sources of the alarms are mapped as integrated BACnet objects.

The remote BACnet device notification class object has a destination Process ID for each recipient entry. By default, the supervisory controller accepts alarms for all valid Process ID values. For each supervisory controller, you can filter alarms and accept only those matching specific Process IDs. The supervisory controller's device object contains an attribute under the BACnet section of the Focus tab called Process Id List. Adding Process ID values to this attribute tells the supervisory controller to only accept alarms matching those Process IDs values. There are two special cases that tell the supervisory controller to accept alarms for any Process ID: if the list is empty (which is the default) or if the list contains a Process ID of 0.

You can also configure the supervisory controller's Notification Class objects to send alarms to remote BACnet devices. The Metasys system audit trail then records the Alarm acknowledgments from the BACnet device.