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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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When an object appears in the Navigation tree that represents an object located in other devices, it is called an integrated (mapped) BACnet object. The integrated BACnet object has a new BACnet ID that is different from the ID of the physical BACnet object being mapped.

BACnet objects that appear in the Navigation tree on the Site Management Portal UI can be used as object references to other objects on the Metasys site (for example, scheduling, trend study, and DL/LR), allowing the integrated object to be referenced as any other Metasys system object.

Discovered BACnet/IP and MS/TP devices are not automatically added to the Navigation tree. The following rules apply when adding BACnet device objects and BACnet objects to the Navigation tree.

Add the:

  • BACnet/IP device under the BACnet Integration object, or BACnet MS/TP device under the Field Bus Integration object

  • Folder (container) objects under the BACnet device to group BACnet objects within a BACnet device

Note: Adding folder objects is optional. For the easiest reference, put more important information points in the root directory and other information points into folders.
  • BACnet objects directly under a BACnet device, or in folders under a BACnet device

When you select an integrated BACnet object from the navigation tree, the Focus view displays the BACnet properties in an available panel of the UI.

While most of the properties are directly inherited from the actual BACnet object in the integrated device, the mapped object in the NAE may have additional or different properties.