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BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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Field Bus integrations are associated with a particular BACnet network number. During Auto Discovery, only devices connected directly to that particular BACnet network are discovered. A device is classified as either a General BACnet Device or as a JCI Family BACnet Device. General BACnet Devices are managed using standard BACnet services and properties. JCI Family BACnet Devices are managed using enhanced BACnet services and include proprietary properties in order to improve performance and to display additional details about the device and its objects. Devices that are not JCI Family devices are always managed as General BACnet Devices.

  • Discover All As General BACnet Device—This attribute determines whether a Johnson Controls Device in the FEC/FAC/VMA or CGM/CVM series family is classified as a JCI BACnet Device or as a General BACnet Device. By default, this attribute is set to False, and classifies the device as JCI BACnet Devices so that performance is optimized and proprietary properties display. When this attribute changes, any previous discovery information clears and Auto Discovery must run again.
    Note: If you change the attribute after running Auto Discovery, we recommend you restart the NxE when configuration is complete.
  • Requested Vendor ID—The BACnet Vendor ID is a numerical value assigned to the vendor of the device. By default, this attribute is empty (or at zero), allowing all vendors to be discovered. If a number other than zero is entered, only General BACnet Devices with matching vendor IDs display in the discovery list. JCI BACnet devices always display on the discovery list. BACnet maintains a list of vendor IDs at