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User Views are user-defined navigation trees that contain references to selected items found in the All Items navigation tree. You can create User Views to group commonly used items and graphics together. You can also assign User Views to user groups, such as building security and energy management.

Expanding the capability of User Views further, Tailored Summaries use table-based User Views to provide summary views of Metasys system items.

These summaries consist of sortable rows and columns tailored to contain information of your choosing. Tailored Summaries allow you to view, modify, and command large quantities of similar data in tabular format. Similar data, for example, may be all VAV boxes on a floor of a building, showing current temperatures, setpoints, flows, and minimum and maximum settings. Using this information, you can quickly analyze facility operation and troubleshoot for possible problems.

To help you get started with Tailored Summaries, a set of pre-built Summary Definitions can be imported into your site. These summary definitions fit into three categories: Configuration, Diagnostic, and Monitoring. The Device and Network Diagnostics definitions are intended for site administrators. The Mechanical Equipment definitions with links to graphics and Key Point definitions are useful for service professionals.

You can configure Tailored Summaries in SMP and SCT but not in Metasys UI or JCT.