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The Remote Notifications feature in the Metasys UI replaces the Server Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs) in the SMP. DDAs facilitate the routing of event and audit messages generated on the Metasys Server or engine.

With the Remote Notifications feature, you can configure the routing and filtering of event and audit messages directly in the Metasys UI for each Metasys Server or engine, without the need to install software on client machines.
Note: At Metasys Release 12.0.50, management of Server DDAs is available with the Remote Notifications feature in Metasys UI only. However, SMP management of Server DDAs is available for MVE sites.

The main Remote Notification features are as follows

  • Space and Equipment filters: Specify spaces and equipment to receive remote notifications, which improves the existing remote notification configuration workflow, as existing users are required to create numerous custom categories in order to achieve this level of functionality today.
  • Test email: Send out a test email to confirm that the remote notifications are configured correctly and that recipients are able to receive them. This prevents missed notifications due to misconfiguration.
  • Alarm Escalation: If an alarm has not been acknowledged or discarded by recipients in a specified period of time, an additional set of recipients will be notified.
    Note: If the alarm clears before the specified period of time expires and without being acknowledged, the alarm escalation is still sent.
    This provides Metasys administrators with a way to reduce the risk of operators missing critical alarms that could lead to compliance issues in critical spaces. This also ensures that alarm notifications reach the appropriate recipients, to prevent issues from becoming major breakdowns.
  • Send Announcement: The Send Announcement feature provides the ability to send announcements to selected users. The announcement can be delivered by email, on a login banner, and on a home page banner. This feature enables information sharing and collaboration between multiple Metasys operators on a single site.