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Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) Product Bulletin

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ADS Server
ADX Server
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Product Bulletin
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The Metasys UI provides the following methods for operators to find information easily and quickly about their system:

  • Spaces Tree is a set of links to each Space Dashboard. These links are intuitively organized by the site's physical hierarchy.
  • Building Network Tree provides access to objects using an alternative navigation tree to the Spaces tree.
  • Bookmarking provides a way for operators to quickly access favorite or most-frequently visited dashboards simply by bookmarking each location in the browser.
  • Search Bar enables operators to quickly access specific dashboards by entering the first few letters of the name of the space or equipment.
  • Views tab: You can select and use any of the user navigation trees that are assigned to you.
  • Tailored Summaries are supported within Views to display user-defined tables of system data.