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Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) Product Bulletin

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ADS Server
ADX Server
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Product Bulletin
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The Metasys UI is an HTML5-compliant web interface that provides device-agnostic access to Metasys from smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Metasys UI is an intuitive interface that reduces learning time, maximizes productivity of operators, and provides a seamless user experience no matter what type of client device is used to access the system. The client device does not require any additional software installation—no Java™, Microsoft Silverlight®, Adobe®, Flash® or any other software from an online app store. The Metasys UI is included with the NAE85/LCS85, any Metasys server: ADS, ADX (unified and split), OAS, and ADS-Lite.
Note: From Release 12.0, an NAE85/LCS85 can act as a Site Director only. Do not upgrade any child NAE85/LCS85 to 12.0.
Note: You must license the server software to log on to the Metasys UI.
Note: From Release 12.0.50, Metasys for Validated Environments supports Metasys UI.