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Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) Product Bulletin

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Use SCT to define and modify Metasys system databases offline, supported by wizards that guide you through the entire process. SCT uses the same Metasys user interface used with all other components of the system, so you do not need to learn a different mode of operation when you work with SCT.

The Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT) is installed with SCT.

With SCT and JCT, you can perform all of the following tasks to configure an automation system.

  • Define field controllers.
  • Configure field points and operating parameters.
  • Configure system features such as user graphics, programmed logic control sequences, alarms, trends, and event message destinations.
  • Associate graphics for the Metasys UI and JCT.

You can perform the following configuration tasks with SCT only.

  • Define all ADS/ADXs and network engines.
  • Configure the navigation tree structure including user navigation trees.
  • Configure spaces and equipment.
  • Configure Demand Limit and Load Rolling (DLLR) to monitor energy meters for electricity, gas, steam, or water, and automatically shed equipment loads according to user-defined levels. Demand Limit helps manage utility demand charges. Load Rolling controls equipment operating levels to reduce total energy consumption.
  • Create optimal start logic.
  • Simulate control logic.
  • Configure spaces and equipment, including the Rapid Archive Creation process.
  • Download, upload, and archive network engine configuration databases and controller .caf files.