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Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) Product Bulletin

Product name
ADS Server
ADX Server
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Product Bulletin
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FIPS 140-2 compliant
The ADS/ADX is FIPS 140-2 compliant. FIPS 140-2 uses cybersecurity techniques to prevent unauthorized access to systems and data.
Support of IT Standards and Internet Technologies
Enables you to install the Application and Data Server on the existing IT infrastructure within the building or enterprise and is compatible with industry-standard firewalls.
Secure User Access
Authenticates users and authorizes access privileges to protect system integrity.
BACnet Secure Connect
It is a secure, encrypted datalink layer that is specifically designed to meet the requirements, policies and constraints of IP infrastructures.
Flexible System Navigation and Dynamic User Graphics
Enable customization of system presentation for different users to enhance information access and facilitate system operation.
Alarm and Event Management
Routes event messages to building operators for rapid fault diagnosis and response. Creates an audit trail for later detailed analysis.
Long-Term Trend Data Storage
Enables the analysis of building systems performance to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and the development of predictive strategies.
Optional Metasys Advanced Reporting System
Offer a separate login and UI for running and viewing reports on system configuration, performance, energy usage, demand, and cost.
The Metasys API provides easy access for you to pull raw data from the server into your own processing and analytic mechanisms, such as PowerBI® and Tableau®, and supports both historical data fetching and gathering information about the site and all of its child elements. Additionally, the new Metasys Monitoring and Commanding API enables reading, writing, and commanding of one or more Metasys objects/properties to provide a secure and cost-effective way to bi-directionally integrate with third party applications.
Note: Only non-MVE sites support the Metasys API.
Metasys for Validated Environments
Metasys for Validated Environments (MVE) is an offering from Johnson Controls for facilities that require regulatory compliance for their environmental systems. Only the ADX supports MVE.