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Application and Data Server (ADS) and Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) Product Bulletin

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The ADX software and its associated database software are often installed on one computer (a unified ADX). However, the ADX also can be installed in a split configuration, which involves installing ADX-related software on two computers. Splitting provides enhanced security for historical data. Using the ADX in a split configuration allows you to locate the Metasys system databases behind a firewall, which reduces the risk of exposing Metasys system data to unauthorized users on the Network. The split configuration also allows you to locate Metasys system databases on an existing SQL Server computer using existing resources (hardware, software, and technical personnel), potentially lowering the cost of installing and monitoring the Metasys system.

In an ADX split configuration, the computer running SQL Server software is known as the database server computer, and it stores historical Metasys system data. The ADX software itself and all required ADX prerequisites reside on a second computer, known as the web/application server computer. In a split configuration, SCT must reside on a third computer. Users browse to the web/application server computer to see system data. The database server computer cannot be used as a historical data repository by more than one web/application server computer.