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Several tools are available to help you configure the Metasys UI. The System Configuration Tool (SCT) allows you to quickly define the spaces hierarchy, equipment definitions, and serving relationships. The Rapid Archive Creation streamlines the generation of the entire Metasys database for new or retrofit Metasys installations.

Metasys UI comes with an embedded graphics package to enable system designers to create the Graphics widgets using photo-realistic graphical representations of equipment and spaces. No separate software or license is required to use the Graphics Manager and Editor. An extensive library of graphic templates, symbols, and controls is provided with the Metasys UI, simplifying the task of graphic creation. Customized graphics symbols can be created using the Custom Behaviors feature. The following table summarizes some of the main Metasys UI graphics features.

Table 1. Metasys UI Graphics features
Feature Description
Custom Symbols Library Import and export custom symbols into the graphics palette with the Custom Symbols Library. Custom Symbol Libraries integrate seamlessly with the base graphics package.
Building Network Tree in Graphics Editor Bind Network Tree items to graphics with the Building Network Tree binding option in the Graphics Editor.
Context-sensitive Binding Tree The binding tree is context-sensitive, which ensures that the binding tree opens to the appropriate space or equipment when you launch the Graphics Editor from a particular space or equipment.
Path Tool Editing Edit an existing path that was drawn with the drawing tool with the Path Tool editing feature.
Graphics Association Manager for Aliased Graphics Bind graphics to an equipment definition with the Graphics Association Manager for Aliased Graphics feature, so that all equipment associated with that definition will be assigned the graphic automatically.

The Metasys UI also supports viewing of graphics that were created with an earlier version of Metasys graphics tools. Graphics+ graphics created with the Graphics+ Generation Tool (GGT) and standard graphics created with the User Graphics Tool (UGT) can be associated with spaces, equipment, and field controllers and be viewable in the Metasys UI without manual conversion.

The Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT), formerly called Metasys UI Offline, offers the ability to view how the Metasys UI looks in order to validate the UI's configuration. You can view the spaces and equipment configuration and view the graphics associated with the space and equipment. JCT leverages the SCT archives instead of the live site. JCT is automatically installed along with SCT.