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Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite-A System Product Bulletin

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ADS-Lite Server
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Product Bulletin
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Fault Detection
  • Fault Detection is a licensed add-on feature to the Metasys Server software products, including ADS, ADX, ADS-Lite, and OAS.
  • This feature identifies building system-related faults and lists them in order of severity, whereby it leverages Johnson Controls-defined rules and a semantic data model to ease configuration.
  • Fault Detection helps operators identify issues of building systems that are not operating correctly, prevent energy waste, and avoid comfort complaints.
Fault Triage
  • Fault Triage assists less experienced operators by guiding them to independently resolve issues. It is a licensed add-on feature to Fault Detection and the Metasys Server software products, including ADS, ADX, ADS-Lite, and OAS.
    Note: You require 16 GB of RAM and four virtual cores to support the Fault Detection and Fault Triage features on an OAS.
  • Fault Triage improves the fault list order by adding fault duration and occurrence to the sorting logic, which improves driving the biggest problems to the top of the list.
  • Fault Triage leverages the Johnson Controls Field Support Knowledge Database to suggest possible causes, their likelihood, and appropriate corrective actions.
  • The feature captures corrective action activity that includes not tried, tried, and solved issues with the ability to add notes.
  • In addition, Fault Triage offers automatically generated, multi-stacked charting of fault data for each fault occurrence.
Note: No significant feature additions were made to Fault Detection and Fault Triage at Release 13.0. The Metasys Fault Detection license and Metasys Fault Triage license remain at 11.x and continue to work at 13.x.

The functionalities of Fault Triage and Fault Detection are documented in detail in the Potential Problem Areas widget section of Metasys UI Help (LIT-12011953) .