Enhanced commanding - Metasys - LIT-12011694 - MS-ADSLA5U-0 - MS-ADSLA5U-6 - Server - ADS-Lite Server - 13.0

Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite-A System Product Bulletin

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ADS-Lite Server
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Product Bulletin
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The Metasys UI includes the following features that enhance the practice of commanding or changing values, enabling operators to restore order quickly and efficiently and avoid unplanned rework.

  • Use Timed Operator Commands to easily set time limits on the manual commands, such as issuing an override or taking a point out of service, to ensure the system reverts to automatic control. This can help reduce energy costs and reduce comfort complaints caused by the system staying in manual control for too long.
  • The Annotations on Commands feature provides a means for operators to add a note when issuing a command, such as issuing an override or taking a point out of service. The note appears in the Equipment Activity widget and in System Activity for the command's audit to help operators trace system behavior back to manual commands and why they were issued. Administrators can choose to apply a setting to force users to add Annotations. This prevents confusion and clarifies understanding of why a Metasys operator made a change in the system.
  • The commanding dialog view with integrated Priority Array identifies the current command priorities. This helps operators troubleshoot issues faster by making it easier for them to determine what command priority is currently active on a point object.
  • Navigate directly from the Commanding Dialog to the Building Network through a link, without having to manually search the network tree after finding the root cause of an alarm or other issue.
  • Metasys UI supports all existing SMP commands. Perform all SMP commands on objects that are supported in Metasys UI.