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Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite-A System Product Bulletin

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ADS-Lite Server
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The Advanced Search and Reporting feature brings powerful insights to all Metasys users by providing an intuitive and easy method to gather and analyze data. You can quickly search for data across the Building Network tree, within navigation trees, or by spaces or equipment. Using a series of filters, that includes wildcards, you can refine your search results. For example, you can search for all zone temperature points in a specific space.

With the Advanced Search results, you can do the following:
  • Create reports that shows historical activity, alarms, audits, and trend data based on a defined time range, or create reports that shows the present values of selected objects. This provides Metasys administrators with real-time information without requiring a log in.
  • Export report data to CSV or PDF file formats on an ad hoc basis or by scheduling a report.
  • Issue bulk commands to selected points and bulk modify multiple objects or multiple attributes on a single object.
  • Schedule the email delivery of reports to up to 10 specified recipients. Report templates can be saved and be executed on-demand in the future.
  • Filter an Advanced Search to only include specific Equipment Definition short names.
  • Launch directly from certain widgets into a pre-populated Advanced Search. The filters are populated based on the equipment, space, and object information included in the widget. Users can launch Advanced Search from the following widgets:
    • Equipment summary widget
    • Equipment serving Space widget
    • Equipment data widget
    • Graphics widget
    • Summary view widget
Important: You do not need to configure spaces and equipment for users to take advantage of the Advanced Search and Reporting feature. Advanced Search is available on computer and tablet platforms, but it is not available on phone platforms. Additionally, the Reporting, Bulk Commanding, and Bulk Modifying features of Advanced Search are not available on tablet or phone platforms.

From Release 12.0, you can use the Advanced Search and Reporting feature to run Base Reports. The reports on network items show you a snapshot view of the current exception situations and summary data in the entire site or selected engines of the site, and locate points that might need attention. The report on user accounts shows a snapshot view of current user information from the site director’s security system.

The following reports are available:
  • Alarm: Lists all network items with a non-Normal alarm state in the site or selected devices.
  • Offline: Lists all network items whose offline state is True in the site or selected devices.
  • Disabled: Lists all network items whose Enabled attribute value is set to False in the site or selected devices.
  • Operator Override: Lists all network items currently being written to at a command priority value of 8.
  • Supervisory Override: Lists all network items whose Overridden attribute value is set to True. The meaning of Overridden is dependent on the integration and point type.
  • Trouble: Lists all network items that have the Trouble attribute value set to True.
  • Out of Service: Lists all network items that have the Out of Service attribute value set to True.
  • User Account: Available for Administrators only. Lists all of the Metasys local and Active Directory user accounts with various details, including information to identify dormant user accounts. Applies to the site director only.