ADS-Lite-A Introduction - Metasys - LIT-12011694 - MS-ADSLA5U-0 - MS-ADSLA5U-6 - Server - ADS-Lite Server - 13.0

Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite-A System Product Bulletin

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ADS-Lite Server
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Product Bulletin
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With the ADS-Lite-A, Johnson Controls combines the latest industry-standard software with more than 130 years of control experience to create a powerful information management tool. The ADS-Lite-A is the point of access into a building automation system (BAS) and archives historical and configuration data.

The Metasys UI is designed to encourage system use and reduce training needs with intuitive operating procedures. You can quickly learn to use the system effectively and take full advantage of the ADS-Lite-A capabilities, which include user graphics, alarm and event management, trend data presentation, system summaries, and reports.

You can use the ADS-Lite-A within the existing networking infrastructure of buildings and enterprises through the integration of IT and Internet communication and security technologies. You can access the ADS-Lite-A through multiple client computers, from any location on the network, can access the ADS-Lite-A and enterprise systems read the data in the ADS-Lite-A database for business planning and energy management purposes.

The Metasys system bridges the gap between the building control systems and enterprise networks to provide a more integrated approach to facility management. The ADS-Lite-A and Metasys system are wise investments that yield returns to the building owner and operator well into the future.

Use this document to discover the capabilities of the ADS-Lite-A and its supported network engines.