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Air Handling Unit Reset Application Note

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VAV: Variable Air Volume Controller
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Application Note
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  1. Restore the Release 7.0 Standard Applications Library to your SCT computer. To access the library, click on the Sandbox Archive Update link in the Release 12.0 Supporting Materials section of the SCT Sharepoint site. An archive file named Sandbox_Release_12.7z automatically downloads to your computer. Form the archive file, extract the file named Sandbox_Release_12.dbexport. The Release 5.2 version can be located in the Release 9.0 BPP DVD set. Please refer to the Solutions Database Article 35251 for additional details on the Applications Library addition to your database.
  2. In the Standard Applications archive, under Programming > Examples, copy the AHU Reset folder.
  3. Open your customer's site archive with SCT.
  4. Select the programming folder of the NAE holding the AHU to be configured.
  5. Paste the AHU Reset folder in the appropriate programming folder.
  6. In the AHU Reset folder, find the AHU-1 folder with code. Copy and paste this folder for multiple AHUs.
  7. In an existing OAT Global Data Share, add the Summer Winter Determination object (Attribute Outdoor Air Temperature) slave.
  8. Open the Temp and Pressure Sums object. Replace all the placeholder input references with the appropriate references from the associated VAVs.
  9. Open the primary code, and replace the SF-S placeholder input with an input reference to the actual supply fan status. If the code is working properly, replace the output references to DAP-SP and DAT-SP to adjust the actual setpoint in the field controller.