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Advanced Graphics Application Product Bulletin

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AGA: Advanced Graphics Application
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Product Bulletin
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Integration with the Existing Metasys System Site Management Portal
Provides the same binding and aliasing capabilities when creating advanced graphics (using the Advanced Graphics Application) as when creating graphics using the standard graphics feature and offers consistent viewing of both types of graphics in the Metasys system Site Management Portal.
Dynamic Symbol Capabilities, Such as Rotate, Hide, Color Change, and Sound
Provide an enhanced user experience and the ability to communicate more information in the same amount of space on the graphic.
Stencil Library
Provides prepackaged symbols that work in standard or dynamic mode and keeps the additional cost in graphics development low.
Custom Symbols and Stencils
Provide the ability to create custom graphics in addition to using the symbols included in the stencil library.
Advanced Graphic Viewing in the SMP UI Framework
Eliminates the need for separate viewing software.
Ability to Launch Other Documents and Applications Viewable by Browser
Provides greater multimedia functionality, such as viewing PDFs, spreadsheets, and video attached to graphics.