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Advanced Graphics Application Product Bulletin

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AGA: Advanced Graphics Application
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Product Bulletin
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Dynamic capabilities, such as rotate, hide, color change, and sound, provide an enhanced user experience and communicate more information in the same space.

The dynamics and logic used to create the symbols provide the dynamic capabilities. For example, you can create an animated spray for a duct humidifier.

Table 1 describes the dynamics available in the Advanced Graphics Application.

Table 1. Dynamics



Animate Hide

Hides and displays the symbol so it appears to fade in and out of sight in response to a measured dynamic value.

Animate Scale

Increases and decreases the size of the symbol so it appears to stretch and return to normal size in response to a measured dynamic value.

Custom Actions

Allows multiple JavaScript statements for advanced functionality. This option allows you to type the coding manually.

Discrete Color

Changes the color of the symbol from a list of colors. For example, the symbol changes from yellow to red when the Analog Value goes from Low Alarm to High Alarm.


Makes the symbol change from one color to another. For example, the symbol flashes between two colors if the value goes beyond a maximum point continuously.


Makes the symbol disappear.

Hyper Link

Links a URL to the symbol and opens in a separate window. For example, the symbol jumps to a user guide or Help file.


Attaches a JavaScript file to a symbol.


Moves the symbol from one location on the graphic to another.


Launches another Advanced Graphic file or item (for example, an Analog Value window).


Rotates the symbol the specified number of degrees around an axis.


Changes the size of a symbol.

Set Fill

Changes the fill color of a symbol.


Attaches a sound file (.wav) to a symbol. For example, the symbol makes a sound if the device reaches abnormal values.

Span Color

Changes the color of a symbol to a color between two colors based on a numeric value. For example, the symbol appears purple halfway between red and blue.


Makes the symbol spin clockwise or counterclockwise on its axis at a defined rate.

SVG Tag Attribute

Adds advanced Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) coding to the symbol.


Changes the string in a text box based on the value of an expression. For example, the text box displays the Present Value of an object.

Three State Span Color

Changes the color of a symbol among three colors based on the value of a variable. For example, a Temperature Bulb changes from blue to yellow to red as the temperature changes from -18˚C (0˚F) to 21˚C (70˚F) to 43˚C (110˚F). Another common color scheme is green to yellow to red.


Adds Tooltip text to a symbol.