Aliasing and Binding - Metasys - LIT-1201848 - Software Application - AGA: Advanced Graphics Application - 10.0

Advanced Graphics Application Product Bulletin

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AGA: Advanced Graphics Application
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Product Bulletin
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The Advanced Graphics Application has the same binding and aliasing capabilities as the existing standard graphics feature and presents a consistent user interface for increased usability.

Aliases allow a single graphic to be used for multiple typical mechanical systems. The most common use of aliases is in VAV controller graphics. The alias process changes the values displayed in the value boxes to represent the particular system desired at the moment the graphic appears.

Binding graphically attaches symbols of an Advanced Graphics file to a part of the Metasys system. Bind symbols to:

  • Metasys system object attributes

  • Metasys system Trend Studies

  • other graphics

  • textual PDF documents

  • spreadsheets

  • sound files

  • URLs

  • video files

  • bitmap (.BMP) files

This multimedia functionality provides access to a variety of types of information from the user interface when you are viewing the graphic.