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Advanced Graphics Application Product Bulletin

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AGA: Advanced Graphics Application
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Product Bulletin
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The Advanced Graphics Application package includes a graphics generation tool and a dynamic example stencil library that work with Microsoft® Visio® Standard or Professional 2003, 2007, or 2010 software (32-bit version only).

Important: The Advanced Graphics Application is not supported for use with either Microsoft Visio 2013 or Visio for Office 365.

After creating an advanced graphic using the stencil library, the graphic is bound to system data through the SCT database. Upon saving the graphic file, the graphic is imported into the UGT in the Metasys system.

Advanced graphic files are viewed with live data in the user interface of an Application and Data Server/Extended Application and Data Server (ADS/ADX) or simulated in the SCT UI. With a comprehensive representation of facility support systems when viewed in the ADS/ADX, building operators can easily monitor the health of the system using a more intuitive interface.

The following figure shows a Metasys system configuration with the Advanced Graphics Application. The web browser client is used to view the SMP UI. The advanced graphic appears after selecting the graphic in the Metasys system navigation tree.

Figure 1. Advanced Graphics Application in Metasys System