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ADS/ADX Turnkey User Guide

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ADS/ADX Turnkey
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User Guide
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About this task

Install any applicable Metasys software patches to the ADS/ADX Turnkey. To install Metasys software patches, complete the following steps:


  1. Browse to one of the following locations:
    • Field Support Center (FSC) Product Quick Patch page at
    • For North American Authorized Building Controls Specialists (ABCS) Partners, go to the ABCS Exchange, and then navigate to Metasys > Technical Support > Software Patches.
  2. Search for patches that apply to the ADS or ADX for the Metasys software release in your ADS/ADX Turnkey solution. Also search for patches that apply to additional software that is installed on the Turnkey, such as SCT and Metasys Database Manager.
  3. Follow patch installation instructions to install the patch.