Appendix: Manually changing the ADS or ADX Turnkey name and the computer name - Metasys - LIT-12011177 - M4-ADSTK-PC - M4-ADXTK-RCK - M4-ADXTK-TWR - ADS/ADX Turnkey - 11.0

ADS/ADX Turnkey User Guide

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ADS/ADX Turnkey
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User Guide
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Follow the steps in this section to change the name of an ADS/ADX Turnkey . The Turnkey name and the computer name must match for proper functionality.

Important: After you follow these procedures for a Site Director, the fully qualified item references have the new ADS/ADX Turnkey name and do not match the fully qualified item references in historical data. For tools that access historical data, such as the Metasys Export Utility, you may need to use the old item references to retrieve data.
Important: You must have full Administrator rights on the ADS/ADX to complete the rename procedure. This procedure can take over an hour to complete, depending on the size of your historical databases. Be sure to allow enough time to finish all of the steps.