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ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide

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Beginning at Metasys Release 11.0, a semantic database is built and modified with server downloads. Depending on the size of your site, it may take longer to log into Metasys UI while performing this activity.

Each time the Metasys Server is downloaded, semantic database updates take place. If you attempt to log in prior to the completion of the semantic database updates, the following message appears on the UI login screen: Login successful. Please wait while your system and preferences are set up. This may take a few moments.

During the update process, you cannot log into the Metasys UI. Check the status of the update process by browsing to the following URL on the Metasys Server: http://localhost:9507/API.ConfigService/health. The status is shown in the cache_check section. When the process is complete, the status shows Healthy and you can log into the Metasys UI. The following is a truncated sample response:

  "status": "Healthy",
  "results": {
    "cache_check": {
      "status": "Healthy",
      "description": "cache ready",
      "data": {
        "IsCacheReady": true,
        "SubscribedToUpdates": true

If the process is not complete, the status in the cache_check section shows Degraded instead of Healthy.

Note: The update process can fail if there are objects with identical Fully Qualified References (FQRs), including differences in capitalization. For example, “NAE” and “nae” are considered duplicates. When there are duplicate FQRs in the system, an event is recorded. The event presents the message Duplicate Guid entries found in SQL database in the Alarm Message Text and the Description lists the FQRs that are affected. To resolve this problem, remove one of the duplicate points and add it back with a different name.