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The ADSADX Log and the Metasys Report Server folders in the Windows Event Viewer on the ADS/ADX contain information related to specific ADS/ADX software failures. The ADS/ADX and the OAS share the same event log file name,ADSADX Log.

Note: In a split ADX, these folders exist on the web/application server computer.
Note: Error messages appear in English only.

The following events appear in the ADSADX Log folder of the ADS/ADX :

  • The ADS/ADX software has a failure initializing any subsystem during startup.

  • The ADS/ADX software has a failure during runtime when it tries to write to the SQL Server database.

  • The ADSADX Log reports a message queue timeout has occurred. The message contains the text System.Messaging.Message.QueueException: Timeout for the requested operating has expired. This event indicates that MSMQ encountered an exception while reading an empty message queue. The sporadic appearance of this error in the ADSADX Log folder of the ADS/ADX is normal. Because the error only occurs when the message queue is empty, all Metasys system messages have been processed successfully. However, if this error occurs constantly or continually over brief periods of time, there may be a problem with message queuing. Report this issue to your Johnson Controls support representative.

The ADSADX Log folder defaults to Overwrite as Necessary. If you would like to save all events or have a certain Event Log folder size, right-click the folder in the Windows Event Log and change this property.

Note: A display problem occurs when viewing the properties of the ADSADX Log in the Windows Event Viewer. Even though the folder defaults to Overwrite as Necessary when the folder is created during the first startup of the ADS/ADX , it appears in the Windows Event Viewer as Overwrite Events Older Than. In reality, the file is Overwrite as Necessary.

The Metasys Report Server folder records errors specific to the Metasys Advanced Reporting System such as:

  • when a report was run

  • who ran a specific report

  • the destination of a report

Additional errors write to the Windows Event Viewer Application folder. Any event in this folder is a result of information generated by or an error in the Metasys III Device Manager service (MIIIDM source). Errors found in the Application folder include a connection loss between the client and server or a connection loss between the web/application server computer and database server computer in a split ADX.

The JCILicensing log contains information related to licensing of the ADS/ADX product and any add-on features. You can find it in the Application and Services Logs folder. For more information on the JCILicensing log refer to the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).

To access the Windows Event Viewer Application folder:

Select Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.