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About this task

Note: To configure the preferences of a specific user, you must log in as that user. To configure system preferences, you must log in with Administrator rights.


  1. On the Tools menu of the user interface, click Configure Preferences. The Metasys Preferences dialog box appears.
  2. Set the preferences according to the Preferences section of the Metasys SMP Help (LIT-1201793). Refer to the Working with Metasys system preferences section of the Metasys UI Technical Bulletin (LIT-12012115) for information about Metasys UI.

    If you specified a file name in the Audio file field for any Priority Level on the Alarm Settings tab, place the alarm sound files into the audio folder on the Metasys system device. The audio folder is located in the following directory:

    For ADS/ADX /NAE55/NIE55/NAE85/NIE85 :

    C:\Program Files (x86)\JohnsonControls\MetasysIII\UI\audio

    For NAE35/NAE45/NCE25 :


    Note: If a sound file is missing from the folder, the Metasys system uses the default system beep for that alarm priority.
    For Metasys UI:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\Metasys UI\Client\audio.