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ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide

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All computers, including the ADS/ADX , generate log files related to Windows operating system functions, such as IIS. These files can accumulate and eventually cause poor computer performance since the amount of available hard disk space is reduced.

IIS logs every message it receives. To find the log file location, navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager, and click on the logging icon. The log file location is in the Directory field.

After consulting with your IT department, you may delete or move all IIS log files from the ADS/ADX computer to conserve hard disk space. As a precaution, you may want to retain the log files created over the past week.

In addition, several third-party tools are available to maintain your Windows operating system log files and address log file storage problems. Seek out tools that meet your needs and satisfy IT security standards on your site. Two examples of these tools are WinDirStat and CCleaner.