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With the Sync Engine command you can synchronize the latest attributes and information available on a network engine with the Online Archive available on the Site Director. The Sync Engine command is not the same as an Archive command or an upload performed in SCT. You can only perform a Sync Engine command on an engine object in the Metasys UI, and that command pushes object attribute changes to the live system. An upload that you perform in SCT pushes object attributes (and other data) to the archive database, and you can view the progress of an upload in the ActionQ in SCT. Once you issue a Sync Engine command, it takes place in the background, and it is not available for monitoring. However, a flag appears on the Site object in the SMP and Metasys UI when an engine sync executed by a Sync Engine command is in progress.

To issue a Sync Engine command follow the steps below:
  1. In the Metasys UI, select the engine object from the Building Network tree.
  2. Tap or click on the status or value in the Detail widget. The Command dialog appears.
  3. From the Command drop-down menu, select Sync Engine.
  4. Tap or click Save.
The following scenarios may require a Sync Engine command:
  • Data is modified directly from a network engine and not from the Site Director
  • An extension is created on the live site in SMP
  • A point discovery is executed on a live site in SMP