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If the ADS/ADX encounters slow performance, the Windows indexing service or Windows log files may be contributing to the problem.

The size of the page file created by the Windows file indexing service may be as large as one gigabyte. This file size can adversely affect ADS/ADX tasks and operations. Metasys software does not require the rapid searching capability that the indexing service provides, so we recommend that you turn off indexing. To do so, open Control Panel and type Indexing in the search box. Click Indexing Options. The Indexing Options dialog box appears. Click Modify and remove all the selected locations. Click OK.

The Windows log files stored on the ADS/ADX computer may become too large, sometimes consuming gigabytes of space on the hard drive, slowing down ADS/ADX computer restart time, system performance, and affecting database responsiveness. To correct this issue, archive all of the log files located under the following directory that are older than one week. To find the log file location, navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager, and click on the logging icon. The log file location is in the Directory field. After you archive these files, delete them from the hard disk of the ADS/ADX computer. To prevent large numbers of log files in the future, you may turn off IIS event logging (also called HTTP logging) as follows:

  1. In Control Panel, select System and Security > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Fully expand the tree and highlight Default Web Site.
  3. In Features View, double-click Logging. The Logging window appears.
  4. In the right pane of the Logging window, click Disable.
  5. Close the Logging window.
Note: If you disable IIS event logging, you lose the usefulness that log files provide during troubleshooting. If you want to troubleshoot your system, re-enable IIS event logging.