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The following table includes general troubleshooting information.

Table 1. General Troubleshooting
Error Message or Scenario Solution or Workaround

When attempting to command a multi-state point in the Metasys UI, you receive the following error message: The command contains values out of range, even though the values are valid.

In some instances, this error message is correct.

However, occasionally the Online Archive that exists on the engine is out of sync with the Online Archive that exists on the server Site Director. To resolve this issue, execute a Sync engine command on the engine for the equipment the point resides on.

The Detail widget, Commanding dialog, or other widgets do not load completely, display partial data, or display Null as a value after installing the Metasys Server software and during initial startup of the Metasys UI.

Allow one to two hours per 500 engines for the Online Archive to gather and populate the attributes and other data displayed in the Building Network tree. We recommend not accessing the Building Network tree objects and viewing the object's Detail widget during the initial startup and sync. Furthermore, do not issue Bulk Commands through the Advanced Search feature in the Metasys UI during initial startup and sync.
On a unified Metasys system that is starved for resources, the ActionQueue service may not properly start at system boot. The service does run correctly if it is started after the system boot is complete. Set the ActionQueue service to a delayed start.
An unsafe assembly message appears in SQL logs. This message is an information message and is not an error message that requires action. This message is informing the SQL administrator that SQL cannot verify that the assembly is safe. However, the Metasys system uses assemblies included with Metasys databases to perform functions on input argument values and return data. The unsafe assembly message denotes that the assembly requires additional access to restricted resources; however, no user action is required.
A site has multiple ADS/ADX devices, but one ADS/ADX is the Site Director and another ADS/ADX is used as a repository. Additionally the site has multiple engines, and has configured a subset of engines to forward trend, alarm, or event data to the repository ADS/ADX instead of the ADS/ADX Site Director.

This configuration may cause unexpected issues if data is not forwarded from the repository ADS/ADX to the ADS/ADX Site Director. For example, alarms from an engine may not appear in the ADS/ADX Site Director UI and will appear in the repository ADS/ADX and the engine repository. Furthermore, if an alarm is acknowledged or discarded at the repository ADS/ADX, the alarm may not be acknowledged or discarded at the engine.

To ensure trend, alarm, or event data are forwarded to the ADS/ADX Site Director, configure the repository ADS/ADX to forward data to the ADS/ADX Site Director.
Note: This configuration is not supported for sites using the Metasys UI.

During Metasys server installation RabbitMQ configuration fails with the message: RabbitMQ.Clinet.Exceptions


Use the Administrator account when installing the Metasys Server software.
RabbitMQ stops working if the hostname is changed. RabbitMQ is dependent on the hostname of the machine (ADS) and if the hostname is changed then the following steps are required to restart RabbitMQ:
  1. Stop all services.
  2. Rename the machine.
  3. Open a Command Prompt window with the Run as Administrator option.
  4. I you use the default RabbitMQ location, navigate to this folder: cd C:\ProgramFiles\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server-3.7.3\sbin.

    If you use a non-default install location for RabbitMQ, navigate to that location.

  5. Run: rabbitmq-service stop.
  6. Run: rabbitmq-service remove.
  7. Run: rabbitmq-service install.
  8. Run: rabbitmq-service start.
  9. Start the Metasys server installation again.

Metasys fails to launch if Fortify Webinspect Agent is installed.

Security updates to Metasys cause Fortify Webinspect Agent to prevent Metasys servers from running. You cannot use Fortify Webinspect Agent on a computer running ADS/ADX.

The installation program fails at the Message Bus step when installing an ADS/ADX.

Cisco VPN is installed on the host computer. To workaround this issue, complete the following steps:

  1. Uninstall RabbitMQ. End the epmd.exe task with Task Manager. Delete the c:\users\\AppData\Roaming\RabbitMQ folder.
  2. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables.
  3. Add a variable named RABBITMQ_NODENAME and set it to rabbit@localhost.
  4. Reinstall RabbitMQ.
  5. Navigate to the RabbitMQ sbin directory or run the command from the start menu and run rabbitmqctl status. You will no longer see the cannot connect to host/port error.