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ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide

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About this task

When you make changes to the SCT archive referenced by the Metasys Advanced Reporting System, the data does not refresh in the reporting system until 3:15 A.M. the following morning.

Note: Any users logged in to the reporting system at the time of the refresh are automatically logged out of the system. Perform manual refreshes at times when it is likely the system is not in use.


  1. Exit the Metasys Advanced Reporting System user interface.
  2. Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. When you select Command Prompt, use the right mouse key and select Run as Administrator. Click Continue or Yes if prompted by the User Access Control dialog.
  3. Type net stop metasysreportcacherefresh and press Enter.
  4. Type net start metasysreportcacherefresh and press Enter.
    Note: The refresh process may take several minutes to complete. The ADX event log includes an entry when the refresh process completes, or indicates any errors.
  5. Type exit and press Enter.
  6. Open the Metasys Advanced Reporting System user interface, and the data reflects the changes you made to the SCT archive.