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About this task

Note: You can also change the Metasys Advanced Reporting System settings by editing the appsettings.config file located in the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MetasysReports directory.


  1. Open the Control Panel of the reporting system ADX and select System and Security (or System and Maintenance) > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window appears.
  2. In the navigation tree on the left, expand the name of the local computer, Sites, and Default Web Site. The configured websites appear under the expanded Default Web Site.
  3. Select the Metasys Reports website.
  4. In the middle pane of the window, double-click Application Settings under the ASP.NET section. Make sure the Features View is selected. The Application Settings window appears.
  5. See Table 1 to change the desired setting.
  6. To edit a setting, double-click its name on the Application Settings window. Specify a new value and click OK.
    Table 1. Summary of Reporting System Changes

    Application Setting

    Possible Edits


    Automatic Refresh

    Edit both of the following:

    • Edit CacheRefreshBaseTime to the desired refresh time.
    • Edit CacheRefreshInterval to the desired number of hours between refreshes.

    The default time and frequency to refresh reporting system data is 3:15 A.M. and once every 24 hours. The minimum frequency is 1 hour, but is not a recommended value because any users logged in to the reporting system at the time of the refresh are automatically logged out of the system. Configure automatic refreshes to occur at times when it is likely the reporting system is not in use, and do not set frequent intervals.

    Reporting System User Interface Timeout

    Edit WebServiceDBTimeout to the desired value, in seconds.

    The Metasys Advanced Reporting System user interface timeout period defaults to 15 minutes (900 seconds).

    If the system is timing out, increase the value to 30 minutes (1800 seconds). If the system continues to time out, increase the value further.

    Note: The Metasys Advanced Reporting System user interface timeout period applies to every user who logs into the reporting system.

    Report Default Row Limit

    Edit RowsLimit to the desired value.

    The Metasys Advanced Reporting System default limit for the maximum number of rows in a report is 10,000. If the report reaches or exceeds this limit, the system notifies you that the limit has been reached and the report is not generated. Increase this number to enable reports to return more than 10,000 rows of data.

    Default for Other Filters Panel

    Edit MKTChecked to one of the following:

    • false if you would like the Mean Kinetic Temperature check box to be cleared by default.
    • true if you would like the Mean Kinetic Temperature check box to be selected by default.

    This setting determines whether Mean Kinetic Temperature is selected in the Other Filters panel. The default setting is for Mean Kinetic Temperature to be selected.

  7. When complete, close the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window.
  8. Restart the ADX for your changes to take effect.