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About this task

If you set up a site time server for your Site Director, you can set the date and time manually in the ADS/ADX , but the manual settings are overridden at the end of the Time Sync Period.

Before selecting a site time server for the Site Director ADS/ADX , follow the steps in the Setting the time zone in the Site Director ADS/ADX section.


  1. On the ADS/ADX computer, press the Windows key + R. The Run dialog box appears (Figure 1).
    Figure 1. Run Dialog Box

  2. Type Net time /setsntp:" ...", where and are example IP addresses of time servers.
    Note: The IT department should provide the address of a suitable time server. Be sure that the quotation marks are included (especially when listing multiple time servers).
  3. Click OK.
    The Site Director now requests the date and time from the selected time server and propagates it to all other engines/servers on the site.