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About this task

Preferences do not persist after an upgrade unless you take manual steps to save the settings before you begin a system upgrade.


  1. Before you begin the upgrade process, access the Metasys Server that contains the preferences and custom files you want to copy. (For example, for a network engine, use the Remote Desktop option available with NCT. The local hard drive of your computer is automatically mapped to the network engine through remote desktop.)
  2. Navigate to the Preferences directory for the device as shown in Table 1.
  3. Copy SystemPreferences.xml (system preference) or UserPreferences-userID.xml (user preference), where userID is the identification number for each specific user with customized preferences. If you are saving preferences for multiple users, be sure to copy all files. Also, copy any special files, such as customized sound .wav files, from the location shown in Table 1.
  4. Paste these files in a safe location on your computer or network drive, or store them on other media.
  5. Upgrade your system according to the Metasys Server Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012162) .
  6. Copy the files that you copied in Step 3 back to the appropriate location as listed in Table 1.