Copying user preferences to another user - Metasys - LIT-1201645 - MS-ADSxxx-x - MS-ADXxxx-x - Server - ADS Server - ADX Server - 12.0

ADS/ADX Commissioning Guide

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  1. Log in to the SMP user interface as the MetasysSysAgent user.
  2. On the Tools menu of the user interface, select Administrator. The Security Administration tool appears.
  3. On the View menu, select User Preference File Names. The user preference file names appear in the Roles and Users pane of the Security Administration tool.
  4. Record the file name of the user whose preferences you want to copy (Source User) and the file name of the user whom you want to share those preferences (Destination User).
  5. Close the Security Administration tool.
  6. Access the Metasys device and navigate to the Preferences directory for the device as shown in Table 1.
  7. Delete the preference file (if it exists) of the Destination User that you recorded in Step 4.
  8. Copy and paste the user preference file of the Source User you recorded in Step 4. If using Windows File Explorer, the file appears in the folder with Copy of appended to the front of the file name.
  9. Rename the copied file to the original name of the Destination User preference file name.