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WTL Thermostats

The WTL (Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats LoRa) Series Wireless Thermostat is a pneumatic thermostat that retrofits existing pneumatic thermostats to provide Direct Digital Control (DDC) such as single zone control functionality at a fraction of the time and cost, without disturbance to occupants.

The WTL Thermostat controls the following equipment:

  • Variable air volume (VAV) cooling only
  • VAV with hot water
  • Hot water radiator
  • Induction unit single coil summer/winter
  • Induction unit two coils heating or cooling
  • Fan coil
  • Constant air volume (CAV) with mixing box
  • CAV with hot water reheat
The WTL Thermostat is available in the following direct-acting and reverse-acting models:
  • Single setpoint, for cooling only or heating only applications.
  • Dual setpoints, for heating and cooling applications.
  • Summer/winter, for single setpoint control with summer and winter mode.

Use the WTL Thermostat to remotely monitor the zone temperature and branch pressure, remotely control the temperature setpoints, and program the setback.

You can integrate the WTL Thermostat with an existing building management system (BAS) through BACnet®/IP. As a result, the WTL Thermostat can help save energy through the implementation of energy savings control strategies, improve comfort, and reduce the maintenance cost of the legacy pneumatic HVAC systems.

All WTL Thermostat models feature a white plastic cover with the Johnson Controls® logo.

Figure 1. WTL Thermostat

Gateway and Control Server

Use the WTL Gateway to connect WTL Thermostats to a LoRaWAN® wireless network. Each gateway creates its own LoRa wireless network. Connect the gateway to a WTL Control Server for remote control of WTL Thermostats. One control server pairs with one gateway. You can map up to 125 thermostats to one control server. You must use the gateway and control server to connect to a BAS. If you do not want to connect to a BAS, you can use the control server to set schedules.

The LoRaWAN is a networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated devices to the Internet. The gateway converts LoRa RF packets into IP packets and IP packets into RF packets. For more information about LoRaWAN, visit
Figure 2. Gateway
Figure 3. Control Server

Survey Kit

The WTL Survey Kit can survey larger, multi-story sites for compatibility with the WTL Thermostat. Use the WTL Survey Kit to perform a range test to determine the strength of the wireless connection between the WTL Thermostat and the WTL Gateways at the location where you plan to install the devices. If the signal strength is not sufficient at the WTL Thermostat installation locations, you may need to adjust the gateway and control server installation location or potentially add additional gateways to ensure sufficient wireless signal coverage.