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WT-ROUTER Router Installation Guide

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If the WT-ROUTER Router fails to operate within its specifications, replace the unit. For a replacement router, contact the nearest Johnson Controls representative.

Table 1. WT-ROUTER BACnet Object List (for WT-BAC-IP 1.3.5)
Register number Point name Description BACnet object type
201 Hop_Count The number of hops through which the device’s data is routed to reach the MeshGate; 65535 indicates that the device is offline. AI
202 1st_Hop_ID_H High byte of the device ID of the first hop node. AI
1st_Hop_ID_L Low byte of the device ID of the first hop node. AI
204 RSSI High byte indicates radio received signal strength (RSSI) (signed 8 bit for Modbus register; BACnet object shows actual value). AI
Batt_Voltage Low byte indicates the battery voltage level in VDC multiplied by 10 (BACnet object shows actual value). AI
224 RF_Channel Radio channel number used by the device. AV
510 Dev_Type The integer value that identifies the device type in the wireless network; for use by the MeshGate, not customer applications. AI