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WT-ROUTER Router Installation Guide

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The WT-ROUTER Router must remain powered up at all times to operate properly. Choose an installation location where the power supply cannot be accidentally unplugged. An ideal location for the router is above a drop ceiling with a dedicated power source.

Figure 1. White Sticker on Back of Router Showing Location of Group ID

To determine if routers are required in a mesh network installation, check the network status of all the WT-4000 Series Room Thermostats in the network. If the signal strength indicator shows good network communication with the WT-BAC-IP Gateway, then no routers are required. If the signal strength indicator shows poor network communication with the gateway, then routers are required to extend the range of transmissions up to 750 ft (229 m). Try to position the router somewhere between the devices that are offline and the devices connected to the network.

In order for the devices to connect to the same mesh network, they all must have the same Group ID. The Group ID is set at the factory and cannot be changed in the field. Figure 1 illustrates the white sticker on the back of the router that shows the location of the Group ID.