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WT-ROUTER Router Installation Guide

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About this task

To install the WT-ROUTER Router:


  1. Position the router in an indoor location with good wireless reception. Verify that the router is within 100 ft to 250 ft (30 m to 76 m) of the other devices in the mesh network.
    Note: Avoid installing the router near equipment that may interfere with the 2.4 GHz RF signal, such as cordless telephones or Wi-Fi access points that operate on the 2.4 GHz ISM band.
  2. Document the device ID and location of each router on the floor plan prior to installation. The device ID sticker is located on the back of the router.
    Note: You may operate the router while it is resting on a desktop or mounted to a wall. If the router is mounted to a wall, be sure to secure it in place using the appropriate fasteners (field furnished).
  3. Plug the power adaptor (included with the router) into a 110/120 VAC outlet, then plug the power jack on the power supply cable into the power connector on the side of the router (Figure 1).
  4. If the PWR LED indicator is not green, remove the connector panel access cover and slide the OFF/ON switch to the ON position (Figure 1).
  5. Reinstall the connector panel access cover.
  6. Confirm that the STS LED on the router (Figure 1) and the signal strength indicator on the WT-4000 Series Room Thermostat indicate good wireless communication between the devices.