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WRZ Series Wireless Room Sensors Installation Guide

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WRZ one-to-one Wireless Room Sensing System
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Depending on the model, you can use either the large setpoint adjustment dial or the setpoint adjustment buttons on the face of the network sensor to change the controller mode from unoccupied to occupied, or to adjust the temperature setpoint.

To change the occupancy using the dial, rotate the dial slightly, so the backlight on the LCD lights up. If you rotate the dial slightly again, and the controller is in the unoccupied mode, the controller changes from the after-normal-working-hours setback mode to the normal-working-hours comfort mode. Alternatively, you can use the pushbuttons to change the controller mode from unoccupied to occupied.

To adjust the setpoint, use the dial. Continue to rotate the dial until the current setpoint displays and flashes. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the setpoint and counterclockwise to decrease the setpoint. Stop turning the dial when you reach the preferred setpoint. The new setpoint stops flashing and becomes fixed after a few seconds. To use the pushbuttons instead, press the up arrow button to increase the setpoint or the down arrow to decrease it.