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WRZ-STR0000-x Series Wireless Refrigerator or Freezer Temperature Transmitter and Probe Assemblies Installation Guide

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WRZ One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing System
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Installation Guide
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About this task

To install the temperature sensor probe, complete the following steps:


  1. Peel off the protective paper from one side of the factory-installed strip of adhesive foam tape on the back of the probe mounting strap.
  2. Mount the temperature sensor probe inside the refrigerator or freezer unit away from the front, so as not to interfere with the stored contents and to eliminate any false temperature spikes when the door opens.
    Note: The mounting surface, mounting strap, and ambient temperature must be at least 50°F (10°C) when you mount the temperature sensor probe with adhesive foam tape.
  3. Support the wire lead along the inside walls of the refrigerator or freezer unit to the WRZ-STR0000-x Series Transmitter, run the lead through the door gap or an existing hole designed for remote temperature sensor probe installation.
    Note: Do not use an existing hole designed for electrical voltage because this affects the temperature reading. Do not drill a hole through the wall of the refrigerator or freezer unit for the wire lead unless it is approved by the refrigerator or freezer manufacturer, and also approved by the customer.
  4. If you use the door gap method for installation, secure the wire lead with tape near where the lead passes through the door gap to protect it from excessive rubbing or getting caught in the door hinge.
  5. Feed the wire lead through the slot on the bottom edge of the transmitter housing, tie a knot in the wire just inside the housing to act as a strain relief, and secure the wire ends to the terminal block as illustrated in Figure 3.
    Important: Do not turn on the WRZ-STR0000-x Series Transmitter until an installed receiver or controller operates in the same Radio Frequency (RF) range. Without this condition, the transmitter uses a higher-than-normal battery current as it attempts to find a receiver or controller in range; this results in reduced battery life.
    Figure 1. Wiring the temperature sensor probe to the WRZ-STR0000-x Series transmitter