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WRZ-STR0000-x Series Wireless Refrigerator or Freezer Temperature Transmitter and Probe Assemblies Installation Guide

Johnson Controls
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WRZ One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing System
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Installation Guide
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Table 1. Accessories ordering information
Code number Description
WRZ-SST-110 Wireless Sensing System Tool: for use with a WRZ-STR0000-x Series Transmitter, to function as a Site Survey Tool for the WRZ Series One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing System, or for the ZFR or ZFR Pro Wireless Field Bus System
WRZ-PTR0000-0 (non-NIST certified model) Temperature Sensor Probe assembly: includes one Temperature Sensor Probe encased in a clear acrylic cylinder, a 9 ft (2.7 m) wire lead, one probe mounting strap, and a strip of double-sided adhesive foam tape; all factory assembled
T-4000-119 Allen-head adjustment tool: 1/16 in. (1.6 mm), for the tamper-resistant set screw that secures the Temperature Transmitter to the mounting base; 30 tools per bag