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WRZ-7860-0 Receiver for One-to-One Wireless Room Sensing Systems Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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WRZ One-to-One wireless room sensing system
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Product Bulletin
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  • System design: leverages the system’s web-based platform to provide wireless temperature and humidity control to multiple field devices across the network.
  • One-to-one wireless RF design: enables quick, economical, and low-maintenance installations, which reduces installation and wiring costs.
  • Integral wireless signal strength testing built into the receiver: provides quick and easy visual indication of the wireless RF signal strength between the receiver and its associated sensor, helps locate optimum device positions during installation, and aids in troubleshooting.
  • Multiple sensor temperature or humidity averaging or high or low selection: enhances zone temperature or humidity control by enabling up to five sensors to report to a single receiver, which enables the controller to average the sensors temperature or humidity input, or select the highest or lowest sensed temperature or humidity for control of the target zone.
  • Compact and easy-to-install design: receives the sensed zone temperature and humidity, temperature setpoint, and low battery condition from the WRZ Series Wireless Room Sensor, and interfaces directly with a field controller.
  • Simple, field-adjustable DIP switches: provides easy commissioning with up to 4,096 unique RF addresses.
  • Optional, battery-powered ZFR-HPSST-0 Wireless Sensing System Tool: provides wireless mobility to check for the best RF link, and to determine the optimum receiver mounting locations.
  • High resistance to RF interference from other radio devices or RF noise sources: results from application-based frequency agility, which enables automatically changing to a different channel to avoid RF interference and missed messages.
  • Blinking LED light to indicate firmware version: flashes five seconds after startup to indicate the firmware revision. For example, three flashes of the LED during the startup process indicates firmware revision 3.
Important: Optional MS-ZFR1811-0 Wireless Field bus Router: for the 7860 solution, only the ZFR1811 and ZFR1812 routers can be used as repeaters. The WRZ-7860-0 is not compatible with ZFR182x or ZFR183x kits or systems.