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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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The UVM1000 are valve mounted and wired at the factory and require a 24 VAC Class 2 power supply capable of 25 VA or more and a 0 V to 10 V set point signal.

The 24 VAC supply needs to provide a minimum of 25 VA, with 20 VA for the actuator and 5 VA for the UVM. The 0 V to 10 V CFM request signal attaches to the IN connection on the UVM board, with the ground lead attached to any of the GND connections. The feedback signal derives from the Vo connection and any of the GND connections. For more information on wiring requirements, see the following figures.

Valve calibration information is stored on the internal UVM1000 module ROM memory and at the factory the valve ships from. CFM curve adjustments can be done in the field. However, we do not support it. To make any curve adjustments, you require UVM Configuration Software.

After you wire the room level UVM1000 module and connect the power, the actuator initially moves to both the 0% and 100% positions to perform an autostroke to enable the module to generate a control signal based on the input set point voltage.

In its minimal configuration, the UVM requires a 24 VAC supply and a 0 VDC to 10 VDC control signal. Additionally, the UVM can provide a 0 V to 10 V output signal to monitor the CFM the valve is regulated to. The UVM can also optionally take in a digital signal from a differential pressure (DP) switch that indicates the absence of sufficient differential pressure across the valve. The DP switch is an optional accessory that comes mounted and pre-wired from the factory. If enabled and inactive, the flow feedback voltage signal indicates 0.

If you choose to use the optional DP switch in the field, you must use the UVM Configuration Tool to enable the feature in the UVM.

The UVM can accept a digital input DP switch. The factory connects the DP switch to the pneumatic tubing. The factory also sets the DP switch to trip at a preset threshold of 0.3 in. W.C. for low pressure valves and 0.6 in. W.C. for medium pressure valves.

If the pressure across the valve falls below the low or medium pressure threshold, the valve interprets the CFM as inaccurate or non-existent. The UVM provides a 0 CFM feedback signal if it is indicated by the DP switch signal that pressure across the valve falls below the preset differential pressure threshold.

Figure 1. UVM1000 components
Callout Description
1 DB9 female connector
3 1A fuse
4 24 VAC isolation transformer