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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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All actuated Venturi air valves come equipped with the UVM1000 module that uses 0 V to 10 V signals from the module. The UVM1000 translates these signals into a predetermined flow position or percentage position for any valve. For example, a valve with a UVM, that is scaled for 2500 CFM max flow only opens at 1250 CFM if voltage sent from the UVM1000 module to the UVM is at 5 V, or 50%. The UVM can also produce a 0 V to 10 V output signal as feedback of the valve CFM or valve position.

The UVM board has an eight-position DIP switch. You can use the UVM to set a hardware address between 0 and 15, the selection of percentage or CFM input interpretation, the percentage or CFM representation of the output signal, and normal or reverse operation. 15 is normally used as the parent address. Contact the factory before making any adjustments to these DIP switches as they come pre-configured from the factory for most applications.