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Venturi Air Valve with UVM1000 Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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The in. W.C. pressure value is entered into the no flow press field. For Triatek standard flow valves, this value is 0.6 in. W.C. If the pressure flow in the valve is invalid, a 0 CFM flow feedback signal is created.

The flow sw delay setting is used when a DP switch is connected to the valve that detects insufficient DP to produce a reliable CFM. The delay value is in seconds and is the time between when the DP switch detects a low flow and when the UVM zeros out the CFM feedback signal. This value is only relevant when the use DI as DP or use press sens as DP check box is selected.

When a floating actuator is used with the UVM, the fit stroke time setting is used. The actuator counterclockwise (CCW) and clockwise (CW) inputs are connected to the CCW and CW outputs of the UVM. The actuator common and the UVM COM are connected to the active and neutral outputs of a 24 VAC supply. Ensure the Float DO is DP Out selection is unselected. The fit stroke time is the stroke time of the floating actuator, between 60 seconds and 90 seconds.
Note: Floating actuators are not very accurate for stroke time to determine position. The actual requested CFM and achieved CFM may not match.

The floating actuator is also used with the feedback sensor, where the valve position is determined by the feedback value and not the stroke time of the actuator. To enable this mode of operation, select the FB float act check box.

The float dead band is the dead band associated with the floating actuator position. This dead band value requests the CFM change before the actuator moves to new position.